The shop is open every school day from 8.30am to 3.00pm.  When visiting the shop please park in the Gate 2, visitors carparks.  It is situated on site close to our main Administration Building in C28. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

Short-Sleeve Blouse (size 8-30) $63.00
Long-Sleeve Blouse (size 8-26 - winter optional) $70.00
Short Skirt (size 10-18) $78.00
Short Skirt (size 20-30) $83.00
Long Skirt year 11-12 only (size 10-18) $88.00
Long Skirt year 11-12 only (size 20-30) $93.00
Jersey (size 87cm-107cm) $95.00
Jersey (size 112cm upward) $110.00
Jacket $130.00
Blazer $235.00
Year 13 students only - short sleeve shirt $49; long sleeve shirt $55 

Roman Sandals in Summer
Black lace up leather shoes in Winter
Available from Hannahs or No1 Shoe Warehouse

White ankle socks (pack of 3) $13.00
Pantyhose (black/opaque) $9.50
Scarf $30.00
AGGS (bucket) Hats $18.00
We encourage students to be 'sun smart' and wear a hat.
AGGS Golf Umbrella: $28.00

PE Top $55.00
PE Shorts $35.00
PE Singlet $55.00
Netball Skirts $35.00
Netball Dress $80.00
Gold Socks (Winter sports) $18.00
Kahurangi T-Shirts $20.00
Kahurangi Badges $5.00

Special on Tracksuits!
AGGS tracksuit (size L-2XL) $50.00

  • The School uniform can only be purchased from the School Shop
  • Physical Education: Students are allowed to wear their own T-shirts, shorts and sports shoes for PE, or the school shop has a limited stock of a school PE uniform for purchase
  • Protective clothing such as an old shirt or an apron should be worn during Art and Workshop Technology classes
  • Students are not permitted to wear make-up or jewellery, apart from a watch.
  • If you have pierced ears, one pair of gold or silver studs may be worn.  No nose, eyebrows or other facial studs are permitted. 
  • Long hair is to be tied back sensibly
  • If you have particular cultural or religious values that require a modification to our uniform, please discuss this with the Deputy Principal

Auckland Girls' students wear their uniform with pride. We would expect you to do the same and to be a great ambassador for our school.