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nancy shen sm


Hi everyone, my name is Nancy Shen. I came to New Zealand in 2006 and started at Auckland Girls Grammar School as a Year 11 student. When I first came to New Zealand, I almost did not know any English. Thanks to the teachers at school and the host family I stayed with, my English improved significantly in a short time. Without the assistance from them, I would not have adapted into the foreign environment as quickly. I enjoyed the cultural diversity at AGGS and made many friends from different parts of the world.
Education in New Zealand is very different from my home country China. It is much more flexible in terms of what subjects you want to study. Students can choose subjects based on their personal interest and strengths, hence are more likely to succeed in those subjects. I was passionate about science and mathematics. Therefore I studied all the sciences subjects (biology, chemistry and physics) and mathematics (calculus and statistics) at school. I continued my study path in science at The University of Auckland in 2009, specializing in Food Science. Currently I am working in the Research & Development team of a biotechnology company in Auckland.
Looking at the past eight years I spent in New Zealand, AGGS has definitely been a great starting point for my later-on journey in study and work. I have become much more adaptable, confident and independent.

大家好,我叫申冰卉。2006 (15岁)来新西兰留学,读11年级。因为在国内只上到了初三,所以刚来到这里的时候我几乎不会英语。 在学校老师和寄宿家庭的帮助下,很快我的英语得到了很大程度的提高。随着语言的提高,我也很快适应的国外的生活。因为我性格外向,爱交朋友,很快我和很多当地学生以及来自世界各地的学生打成了一片。


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