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Transport to Sporting Events

Transport to and from specific seasonal and individual sporting events varies.  Each student will receive permission forms which will clearly outlines transport requirements for that sports season or event

Weekly Sports played AFTER school

For sports that take place after school (start and finish after 3:20pm) AGGS will provide transport to the venue.  AGGS does not provide transport back to school or to individual homes.  Parents/guardians are required to collect/arrange collection from the venue at the end of the game/match.  In extreme circumstances or games further afield, this situation may change on these occasions students will be dropped back at school at the end of the game/match.  Some examples include when the lacrosse team have to travel to a game in Whangaparaoa, the rugby team has to travel to Pukekohe or the soccer team has to travel to Waiheke Island.

Local Tournaments DURING the school day

For tournaments that start and finish during the school day transport will be provided to and from the venue.  Examples of these tournaments include the Netball Combined Points Tournament, ANC Pre-season and North Harbour Netball Tournaments, Auckland Volleyball Championships, as well as Swimming Zones Competitions.  Some events are completely user-pays/one-off events and in most cases students will be expected to make their own way to and from these one day events.  An example of such a trip is the All Schools Petanque Competition at Herne Bay.  Students will be fully briefed on arrangements

Local Tournaments played OUTSIDE school hours (after 5.00 p.m.)& weekly sports played during the weekend

Students are expected to organise transport to and from these events unless specifically told otherwise.  AGGS does not provide transport to the event, back to the school or to individual homes.  Examples of these events include Touch Regional's, weekly Netball games and Water polo games, Touch Regional's, weekly Netball games and Sunday Water polo games


Transport will always be provided to National and Regional events allowing teams to travel to events together as these usually require overnight stays.  These events tend to be played during Summer Sports and Winter Sports

Tournament Week.  They may also take place at the end of the year and include Netball Upper North Island Tournament, Athletics Nationals, Basketball Nationals, Volleyball Nationals, Touch Nationals, Softball Nationals, Waka Ama Nationals and Netball Nationals.  Students will be given sufficient notice of these events

Exception - National and Regional Events that are located within the Auckland area and do not involve over night stays fall into the same category as local tournaments played during the school day.  Unless specified transport will be provided to and from the venue.  Please check the event information and permission form for specific details.

Uniform Guide

Premier teams are the only teams which are provided with Sports Uniforms - unless specifically stated.  All other students are required to provide their own uniform if they wish to represent Auckland Girls' Grammar School in sport.  Many students share uniforms with others who play sports in a different season.  All uniforms that are worn for Sports teams can also be worn for PE.  On the following page are the sports uniforms with prices.  All uniforms are available from the school shop and can be worn for summer, winter, junior and some senior sports.


 Sports Uniform Prices

    PE/Generic Top        $30.00

    PE/Generic Shorts    $30.00 (summer)


    Sports Skirt               $50.00

    Sports Tracksuit       $140.00

    Sports Socks             $18.00


Premier Uniforms provided upon payment of fees for:

  •    HOCKEY
  •    NETBALL
  •    RUGBY
  •    TOUCH


 Summer Sports Uniform

    Sport                  Team          Equipment

    Athletics                All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts

    Diving                    All               Appropriate one piece swimwear or school swimwear (available at shop)

    Dragon Boating    All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts

    Kilikiti                     All               Uniform supplied

    Kiwi Tag                All               PE/generic dark shorts, Top supplied

    Petanque               All               PE top, PE/generic dark short or school tracksuit

    Sailing                    All               Appropriate warm clothing, see TIC

    Softball                  All               PE/generic dark shorts, Tops supplied

    Tennis                    All               PE top, PE/generic shorts or skirt

    Touch                    All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts

    Volleyball              All               PE/generic dark shorts, Tops supplied

    Waka Ama            All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts

    Waterpolo             All               Appropriate one piece swimwear or school swimwear (available at shop)


Winter Sports Uniform

    Sport                  Team          Equipment

Badminton             All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts

    Basketball              All               PE/generic dark shorts, Top supplied.

    Cross Country      All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts

    Football                 All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts, shin guards, yellow socks

    Get 2 Go                 All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts or AGGS tracksuit

    Gymnastics           All               See Sports Department

    Hockey                  All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts or skirt, shin guards, yellow socks

    Lacrosse                All               PE/generic dark shorts, yellow socks, Tops supplied

    Lawn Bowls          All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts or AGGS tracksuit

    Netball                   All               PE top, PE/generic dark shorts or skirt

    Rugby                    All               PE/generic dark shorts, yellow socks, Tops supplied


* Alwayscheck with your coach and the Sports Department to make sure you have the correct uniform and are adequately equipped BEFORE the first match of the season.



All students are encouraged and have the opportunity to trial/register for any sport/s at AGGS.

There are many one day tournaments as well as weekly competitions throughout the year allowing every student the chance to take part in sport - regardless of experience or available time.  Some Sports are classed as 'seasonal' requiring students to commit to attending 2 training sessions a week and one game a week. Others require only a practice session and a one day event.


Many of these sports also have a development program set up which offers the sport from Junior level (in Term 4) through to Senior B team, then Premier level (if selected) and finally through to club level.
Students are given ample information regarding the need to pay fees however actual costs are set annually and may change from year to year.  These fees are based on various entry and transport costs.  If financial implications are an issue for participation we would like to encourage students and parents to speak to the Sports Department as soon as possible.

Participation 'v' Severe Financial Constraints

For High Performance/Premier sportswomen, sponsorship may be sought to assist with tournament costs as per the Sponsorship policy. This is a case by case assessment.

Each year the Sports Department send 10 teams to National Competitions around New Zealand.  Athletics Nationals, Basketball Nationals, Football Satellite/Nationals, Netball Nationals, Softball JNR North Island Champs,

Softball Nationals, Touch Nationals, Volleyball JNR North Island Championships, Volleyball Nationals and Waka Ama Nationals.  If your daughter is selected for a premier or top junior team, you should prepare for Nationals Fees in the event of selection for the Nationals Squad.

Teams attending nation and regional events require $200 payment from each student.  The rest of the fee is subsidised by the school/funding.  A decision on which teams will be subsidised to attend nationals in a given year is made in Term 3 of the previous year.  These trips have to be approved by the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees.


Fees Information

All students who take part in sport must pay a fee before they participate.  The deadline is usually the week before the event or the week before the start of the season unless permission has been granted in writing by the School Administrator and/or Director of Sport.  In exceptional circumstances a written application may be lodged by the Sports Department for financial assistance on behalf of a student.

If fees are overdue the Sports Department has the right to remove or stand a student down from participating in that sport and all other sports until the debt is paid. The Sports Department has an open door policy and students are encouraged to keep good communication if paying fees is of issue.

Non-payment of seasonal fees or accrued debt from past years (Sports) may result in a student not being given permission to attend a National event regardless of their experience or role within a team.

Where do I pay sports fees?

There are two main options for paying fees at the school:

  • Online payment with permission form signed handed into Sports Dept
  • Cash/cheque payment at the school shop with permission form

Internet Banking Information

Bank Account Name:          Auckland Girls Grammar School, Board of Trustees
Bank Account Number:      12-3209-0059410-00
Bank Details:                       ASB Bank, Business Banking

Essential details:
                                                1. Your daughter's Name
                                                2. Your daughter's Form Class
                                                3. Explanation of the payment e.g. Volley Season Fee's


Sports fees will NOT be refunded in any of the following circumstances:

  • The student chooses to drop/stop playing the sport for any reason and fails to inform the Sports Department (including not being happy with the team they are in.)
  • The student has a valid reason for withdrawing and has communicated with the Sports Department but the team has already incurred costs in transport and training to the value of the fee paid.
  • The student has been a playing member of the team.
  • The student has been excluded for disciplinary reasons.
  • The student has left school.
  • The student did not turn up to an event but was supposed to represent AGGS and was entered to play

All or part of a sports fee MAY be refunded in the following circumstances:

  • The student has been unable to fulfil her payment agreement due to personal or family issues. In such circumstances the decision to refund will be made by the Deputy/Associate Principal in charge of sport.
  • The student has sustained an injury before taking part in any seasonal matches or before competing in an event/tournament (unless she has already travelled to that event/tournament).


Fees 2011 Summer Sports

            Athletics                                $20          One day Zone Qualifiers

            Diving Season                      $30          Full Season

            Diving Comp                         $20          One day Auckland Championships

            Dragon Boating                    $40          Season + Auckland Championships

            Kilikiti                                     $15          One day Auckland Championships

            Kiwi Tag                                $10          One day Auckland Championships

            Lawn Bowls                          $20 (x4) Each Auckland Tournament

            Petanque                               $5            One day Auckland Championships

            Sailing                                    $50          Term One training

            Softball                                  $60          Season + Auckland Championships

            Tennis                                    $20          Full Season

            Touch                                    $50          Season + Auckland Championships

            Volleyball                              $60          Season + Auckland Championships

            Waka Ama                            $25          Season + SNR Auckland Regatta

            Waterpolo                             $35          Full Season


Fees 2011 Winter Sports

    Badminton                             $30          Full Season

    Basketball                              $50          Full Season + Auckland Championships                    

    Cross Country                      $15          One Day Zone Qualifiers

    Football                                 $50          Full Season

    Get2Go Challenge                $35          One Day Event

    Hockey                                  $70          Full Season

    Netball                                   $60          Full Season

    Netball Combined Points    $15          One Day Competition

    Lacrosse                                $50          Full Season + Auckland Championships

    Lawn Bowls                          $15          One Day Competition

    Rugby                                    $50          Full Season

    Rugby 7’s Comp                  $6            One Day Competition

    Rugby 10’a-side JNR           TBC        One Day Competition


Equipment Requirements

In every sport - unless playing at Premier level - the only equipment students need to take part in their chosen sport is their sports uniform and safety equipment i.e. gum shield, shin-guards, appropriate footwear.  All equipment is issued by the Sports Department to coaches and/or managers at the beginning of each season/during pre-season training.  Any equipment that is lost or stolen during games or training should be reported to the coach or teacher in charge as soon as it happens.  The Sports Department can then organise replacements.   

It is the job of the captain/a student selected by the coach to pick up and account for all equipment at the end of every game. This includes items such as Softball gloves, Hockey sticks; Rugby hit shields, training balls, bats etc. If equipment has been neglected or lost repeatedly the school may ask for a contribution towards replacement costs from coaches, managers and those playing in the team.

In extreme circumstances if student coaches misplace items, the school's Senior Management or Deans may choose to withhold ball tickets, leaver’s memorabilia and/or yearbooks until such time as the equipment is recovered or accounted for.

The Sports Department policy is:

If the equipment is issued to you, you alone are responsible for it.   All borrowed equipment and uniforms must be returned to the Sports Department within one week of the completion of the season. Failure to do so will result in a payment/fee.


All Round/High Performance Students

In exceptional circumstances, an application may be made by the Sports Department on behalf of the student to the Principal or Administration Manager for financial assistance for a student to help with the costs of some or all of:                                                                                                                                       

  •   Seasonal fees                                                   
  •   Students contribution to tournament expenses                                                                                                        

In most instances financial assistance will not be provided for:                                                                  

  •  International trips                                                            
  • One day events                                                
  •  National & regional events held within the greater Auckland area                     
  •  Events not covered in the Annual Budget                                  


Sports Scholarships/Grants

The Sports Department (along with external groups) must invite individual students to apply for sports scholarships and grant programmes to assist in sporting endeavours.  In such cases information will be sent home to parents/caregivers outlining what is being offered and what is expected from the recipient should the scholarship/grant be approved.  For more information on this please contact the Sports Department.               



Any Auckland Girls' Grammar individual/team sport seeking sponsorship must first put in a written request to the Director of Sport at least a week before approval is need.  Provided that the proposed sponsorship does not clash with any existing sponsors currently used in sport, the Director of Sport will then request approval from the Principal and Administration Manager.  For more detailed information on this please see the Sports Department as soon as possible.                                                                                           


Facility Bookings

Bookings for sports practices are made through the Sports Department.  Due to limited indoor facilities, there are a number of long standing bookings that take priority and limit the ability to alter trainings.                                                                                           


Bookings for the gymnasium are established/negotiated with individual sports in the term prior to the season commencing as spaces are extremely limited.  For this reason there is likely to be little, if any, flexibility in training slots during the season.  The Sports Department tries to accommodate wherever possible to allow priority to groups that play matches indoor each week - Badminton, Basketball, Netball and Volleyball.                                                                                                

Lower Courts & Western Park                                                                                      

Bookings for courts are also made during the term prior to the season commencing.  This means that for Term 1 bookings will be finalised in Term 4 of the previous year.  Priority is always given to sports in season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Sports teams are now required to fundraise towards National or Major Regional Tournaments.   At the request of the Administration Manager, each team who intends on travelling to a Tournament are required to raise an additional $1000 towards the costs of the trip.  As this is a substantial cost, any ideas/assistance that parents can help with is fully encouraged (pending approval) and can be discussed with the Administration Manager and/or Sports Department at anytime throughout the year.  Please contact the Sports Department for more information.


Gaming Machine Grant Applications

The Director of Sport is responsible for applying for funding from major trusts to assist with National trips.  These trips are all approved by the Board of Trustees Finance Committee.  The sports chosen are selected based on the growth and potential within the sport and the success of the sport in previous years.  Please contact the Sports Department for more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Player, Parent and Supporter Expectations                                                                 

Auckland Girls' Grammar School has high expectations of those who represent us and it should be clear to anyone who volunteers to represent the school that they are expected to do so in a way that upholds the values of fair play and positivity.  Should a situation arise where behaviour is called into question, the Sports Department take this extremely seriously.  Poor conduct by any students, coach, manager or supporter should be reported directly to the Sports Department.  Action will then be taken after discussion with the Principal and/or Associate Principal depending on the matter's severity.  Below is a code of conduct for all students taking part in sport.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Code of Conduct for Students

 (Adapted from SPARC)

As a representative of an Auckland Girls’ Grammar School Sports Team all must agree to the following:                                                                                         

  • I will attend all practices and games on time.  If I can not make a practice or game or I will be late, I will inform my manager or coach at least 24 hours before the practice or game is scheduled to begin.                                                                     
  • I will endeavour to pay my fees on time.  If this becomes and issue my parent or legal guardian will talk to the Executive Officer and Sports Department.  
  • I will abide by all school rules when representing my school including not smoking, abusing alcohol or using any other illegal substances. 
  • I will always play by the rules of the game.                                                       
  • I will always respect sporting officials.  If I disagree with a decision I will inform the captain, coach or manager during a break or after the competition.                           
  • I will aim to always control my temper.  I understand that the verbal abuse of officials or other players or deliberately distracting and provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted behaviour in any sport.  This includes, but is not limited to moaning, swearing, spitting or any action that brings either myself or Auckland Girl's Grammar School into disrepute.        
  • I will work hard for myself and for my team.                                                        
  • I will be a ‘good sport’ and applaud all good plays whether they are made by my team or the opposition.
  • I will treat all players in my team and sport as I would like to be treated.  Bullying or taking unfair advantage of another competitor will not take place in my team.                                             
  • I will co-operate with my coach, manager, team mates and opponents.                                        
  • I will display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.                                                   
  • I will participate for my own benefit and enjoyment, not to please parents and coaches. 
  • I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their ability, gender, cultural background or religion.                
  • I will thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game
  • Deliberate/repeated failure to abide by any of the above conditions will lead to a student being stood down from any Sport.  Should this happen school sports fees will not te refunded.   


Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators

Parents and Spectators are expected to:                                                                                                               

  • Encourage your daughter/family member and all other students in their efforts while playing sport.                             
  • Display self-control on the sidelines at ALL times. 
  • Remain positive.  Do not shout or ridicule players or match officials
  • Respect those involved in taking and playing the sport efforts regardless of whether AGGS has won or lost.         
  • Respect the decisions of those who volunteer their time - referees, coaches, managers.               
  • Do not place undue pressure on your daughter to play or perform especially in pressure finals. 
  • Make an effort to understand the rules of the match.                                                                                                                                                                               

If you have an issue with a decision made by a match official please speak with the school's Representative (Sports Director, Sports Administrator or Teacher in Charge) after the game.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Please note that any spectator reported by a match referee/umpire to have entered the field of play uninvited at any Secondary School fixture, will likely face disciplinary action including sanctions such as the stripping of match points of the team the spectator is supporting.          

From our Video Library

Sports Contacts

Director of Sports
Junior Manapori
307 4181 ext.868
022 197 3863

Netball Coordinator - Barbara Whenuaroa

307 4181 ext: 853

Postal Address
PO Box 68-053
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141