Dorothy Winstone Centre


The Dorothy Winstone Centre

The DWC is a centrally located theatre with 795 seats, ample parking, and full backstage facilities including dressing rooms and lounge.The theatre belongs to Auckland Girls' Grammar School and was built in 1988 and named in honour of Dame Dorothy Gertrude Winstone.
It is available for hire and is versatile to suit almost any event and budget. It is suggested that bookings should be made at least six months in advance to secure availability.



The theatre itself has a 795 tiered-seating amphitheatre style auditorium. The stage is a sprung rimu stage covered with a black vinyl floor suitable for many purposes. It can be hired either on a half-hire basis for 353 seats for more intimate events, or on a full-hire basis for the full 795 capacity. Free public parking, for up to 160 cars, available at gates 2 and 4. View the Gallery for more photos of our facility.

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Stage Sound

Full concert PA sound system is available consists of Amps, DVD/CD Players, Speakers and 36 channel Mixer Console. If the mixer is used,  the resident sound technician must be hired to operate. Should an external sound technician be approved by the Theatre Manager, a bond of $500 must be paid by the hirer.

However, it is mandatory the hirer contracts directly our preferred technician (Sound Technicians) when full sound is hired, to ensure you get the best results.

Equipment available

sound-baord01 - Mixer Console A&H GL22000-32 Mixer Console
01 - JBL 4ch + 1Aux
01 - Power Supply 24x2 Rackmount
05 - Oceania T12 loudspeakers
01 - BSS 9088 ii ml Soundweb DSP
01 - QSC RMX 1850 HD Left\Right T12 high
2x600W/channel 4 ohms
02 - QSC RMX 1850 HD Left]\Right T12 low
1800W @ 4ohm bridged
01 - QSC RMX 850 Centre T12 high
400W @ 8ohm bridged
01 - QSC RMX 1450 Centre T12 low
900W @ 8ohm bridged
01 - QSC RMX 2450 Sub.  2400W @ 4ohm bridged
01 - BSS 9010 Programmable Remote
01 - Ashly 4.24 G 4 channel Digital EQ
01 - Ashly GQX 3102 Dual Graphic EC
01 - TC Electronic M 3500 Multi FX
01 - Presonus ACP Dual Compresser/limiter
01 - Shure MX418S Lectem microphone
02 - AKG microphones
04 - Mackie SRM450 monitor speakers (self-powered)


Stage Lighting

Full stage lighting is available together with a Cuemaster II control board.  It is mandatory the hirer contracts directly our preferred technician (Rhed Clift) when full lighting hired, to ensure you get the best results.

The lighting plans, plan 1 and plan 2, are available for download.

Equipment available

lighting-board01 - Cue Master II 72 channel lighting desk (for full lighting)
01 - Theatre Cue Master 48 channel lighting desk (for basic lighting)
06 - Theatrelight Portable 12ch dimmer packs
41 - ParCans 64 (black)with lamp, clamp and safety wire
13 - Selecon Fresnels 1kW
08 - Selecon PC 1kW
10 - Selecon Pacific spots 1kW
08 - Strand Zoomspots 1kW
13 - CE Fresnel 1.2kW
03 - Fresnel 650W
02 - Aurora Cyc Lights 4x1kW
03 - Acclaim Groundrow Cyc lights (3x500W)
04 - Aurora single Cyc lights (CYC1T)
01 - Strobe light
01 - 16" Mirror Ball and Rotator
05 - Pinspots with lamp and plug
09 - Thom ODW 500W working stage lights
16 - Turtles (20TURTLE)
04 - Side Lighting Stands (STDTH) & 4 Rockbars
07 - Gobo holders
14 - Assorted gobos
06 - Led Par (3w 36Leds)

01 - Cyclorama cloth 9.1m x5m


Projector & AV

Equipment available

01 - Mitsubishi LVP-X400 3000-lumen Projector

  • Brightness - 6000 ANSI Lumen
  • Aspect ratio - widescreen (16:10)
  • Resolution - 1280x800 pixels
  • Image sizes available 3.9m-5.3m allowing a full 'backdrop' projection on our new cyclorama
  • Lens shift and Zoom/Focus - motorized control via remote control

01 - Electric Screen 250, dimensions 3365mm high x 5385 wide (size of screen can be reduced in height)
01 - Kramer switcher & scaler with: DVD, Camera, VGA & HDMI inputs (VGA @ stage level; DVD, Camera, VGA & HDMI @ & technical booth)
01 - Denon DNV300 DVD/RW

Canon logo

 Our thanks to Canon NZ for the sponsorship of the theatre's projector. 

Stage / Backstage



Stage dimensions are 16.5m wide x 6.5m deep with about 3.5m of wing space either side. There are two levels of upstage tabs, but no front tabs. This is an open proscenium stage. All black curtaining are on rails, and can be adjusted to your stage framing requirements.
The stage plan is available for download.



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Theatre Hire

Includes: Non-performance time (2hrs), Performance time (4hrs), Safety Officer (6 hrs), Normal Cleaning (2 hrs), Parking, Public Liability insurance, includes GST.  Limited on-site parking is available in accordance with the school's needs.  Contact the theatre Manager - Alicia Hall for full details and bookings.


Mon - Thurs
Fridays & Sundays


 Half Hire (353 seats) $950

Full Hire (795 seats) $1,250
Full Hire (795 seats) $1,400
Full Hire (795 seats) $1,700

Booking deposits is 25% of estimated total hire: Half hire circa $450   Full hire circa $600-$900   Multiple days hire 25% of total hire


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