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Hello everyone!
I'm Belle and I was studying in AGGS in 2007 started with Year 12 and I officially graduated in 2008.
I really enjoyed my 2 years study in AGGS as all the staffs in school offered me all the helps I needed. The cultural diversity at AGGS is good for new students, I've made all different type of friends from all over the world in high school. Even now, most of my best friends in NZ are from AGGS.
After 4 years' studying in Auckland University, I graduated with Bachelor of Property degree in 2013. I choose to study property is because I LOVE all type of beautiful houses around NZ. I started my internship with New Zealand's biggest Real Estate company when I was in my second year of university studies and I got the job offer once I graduated. As most of my Kiwi classmates still stayed unemployed, I am proud of myself to get the job as an international student. People say I am a lucky girl, but I know how much efforts I placed into to get this awesome job. As an international student you need to work double or triple harder than the local students if you would like to stay in the country.
I am currently working as an administration assistant for commercial properties in Bayleys Real Estate (NZ largest family owned Real Estate company) at Auckland Viaduct and I just enjoying it as much as I enjoyed my high school time.
I believe AGGS will be a really good start for girls like me that want to start a challenge and wonderful life in New Zealand.

大家好! 我的中文名叫张晓烨,大家都叫我Belle, 我2007年17岁的时候来到奥克兰女子学校学校,就读12年级(中国的高二)。并于2008年底从高中毕业成功进入奥克兰大学学习。


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