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mayu japanHello this is Mayu. That's my speech about my NZ life.Sorry I made it too long.
Hi I'm Mayu from Japan. I stayed here for whole year as an exchange student and learnt lots in this school.
NZ was my first time to go abroad,so I didn't know it is really hard to live without my family and English is so hard. When I just came to AGGS, I was so scared because noone speak Japanese and noone was my friend,so I was lonely and cried everyday in the school and my house.When I was crying in the class, one girl worried about me and I told her everything as much as I can. Also I asked her to have lunch together and she became my friend. In break time,there are many people in the group and I couldn't understand what my friends are talking about,so I felt like disappearing many times. However as time past, I got used to it and my English was getting better and I could feel this school is fun.Also It was fun to hang out with my friends. I thought I couldn't feel miss my school in first months,but when my leaving was getting close, I cried. Many things happened in this school for one year,so I didn't want to leave here,but that's not just my effort.My friends were so kind, funny,listened to my talking very hard and I could have a lot of fun.I couldn't imagine leaving the school is very sad and I feel missing my friends.In NZ, of course I learnt English,but I learnt
crying and smiling are the most important and they are used all over the world,so that's the easiest way to communicate with someone.

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